Instructor: Rwitajit Majumdar, Pratiti Sarkar and Siva

Date & Time: 31st Oct and 1st Nov’20 | 11 am to 1 pm

Decision makers often have very limited time and expect the communication in forms which would summarize information, facilitate interpretation and help make right judgments in a shorter time. The technological advancement and evolving tools have simplified the process of creating powerful graphical, pictorial and interactive presentations. This module intends to introduce the participants to a few simple tools that would help designing pictorial and graphical representation of large quantitative data.

  • To familiarize the participants to the basics of pictorial and graphical presentation
  • To equip the participants to handle Google data studios for preparing interactive data dashboards.
  • Thumb rules for powerful visual representations
  • Visual design principles
  • Types and trends in data visualization
  • Working with Google Data Studio

Participant Profile

Project managers, coordinators and researchers in development sector


VillageSquare is an integrated communications initiative that was started in 2016 to fill the void of rural representation in the national discourse. Voices from villages needed to be heard in the national arena. We have been doing this by informing, analyzing, engaging and promoting rural India among a wider audience. There is a need for a unified public service platform for independent and balanced news, views and data analyses on rural India.

We believe that there is need to engage with the youth — the millennials and the digital natives — on these issues. We have been bringing out stories of positive change and purposive struggle of rural people from across the country. We trust that you have been reading our past posts. We invite you to continue reading about the aspirations, struggles and success of people in rural India at

Even as India marches on its rapid development path, there is a need to turn the spotlight on the hinterlands of India and to include villagers in the development process, to enable taking our country forward. Transforming rural India by strategic interventions on the ground can only be sustained or expanded if there is a wider societal involvement. Currently there is clear informational gap among the youth, influencers and policymakers on issues that are important to people in the villages. VillageSquare has been fulfilling that lacuna.

VillageSquare carries on the intent with which it was started i.e. focusing on the impact of national and local policies on rural communities through detailed analyses by top development experts. We continue to identify and showcase stories of change led by communities, civil society and market players. We have published popular articles on public schemes such as Jan Dhan Yojana, Ujjwala Yojana and NREGM, and their impact. VillageSquare will always maintain a sustained focus on the challenges and drivers of successful efforts of rural India.